39 Stylish Casual Blouse Outfits

Ensuring that you look both stylish and professional at work will do wonders for both your confidence and your job prospects. First impressions really count, especially in the work place, and people may make judgments about your ability to do your job based on how you are dressed.

By choosing the right clothes and accessories to wear to work, you will influence how people behave towards you in a good way. Here are some great tips on how to dress professionally and stylishly for work: Follow the rules – If your work has a dress code you should always follow it.

You can usually find out exactly what is acceptable or unacceptable to reading your employee handbook or speaking to a manager or the HR department. Once you know what the rules are, you should be able to find clothes that look great you whilst conforming to the companies standards.

You should also watch out for the unwritten rules, you may have to read between the lines a little, but if you work in a very conservative company or profession, have a good look at everyone else to see what is considered acceptable.

Well fitting clothes – well fitting clothes not only look much better than clothes that are too tight or too baggy but they also send out the message that you are organised and pay attention to detail.

Clothes to flatter – If you pick the right clothes that flatter your body, you will feel more confident at work making it easier to do your job. You should be able to find a style of trouser, skirt and jacket that really suits your body shape. Once you have found the right shape, you can invest in a few of each of these pieces so you have always got some flattering clothes to wear.

Be Practical – although you will probably pick your clothes based on how they look, they will also need to be practical. Being uncomfortable or even worse being unable to walk because of the shoes that you are wearing is bad news at any time particularly so at work. Look for clothes and accessories that look stylish nut also help you do your job. A leather laptop handbag with wheels is a great.

Let your personality shine through – even with strict dress codes, it is still possible to add some interest to an outfit and show a little of who you are. A patterned scarf or blouse, quirky brooch or brightly colored handbag are all great style statements that also look professional.

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